Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellify?

Wellify is a free and easy place to organize all of your classes, content, products, and business links in one place to make it accessible for your community, followers, clients, and students to access everything you're offering and promoting. Wellify takes care of handling booking, payments, donations, adding to calendar, and sharing what you're doing in different timezones and currencies so you can focus more time on doing what you love and we can focus on growing your business. If you would like to learn more about how Wellify can support your practice, book an appointment here.

Do I have to own a studio to use Wellify?

Not at all! Wellify supports all types of independent wellness practitioners. A few examples include yoga instructors, herbalists, Reiki practitioners, and life coaches.

Can I have help setting up my account?

Absolutely! Book an appointment with us here. We can’t wait to meet you!

How do booking fees work?

All booking fees are transfered to the instructor. Stripe charges an additional processing fee that depends on the country and can be found here. The fee in the US is 2.9% + $0.30. These fees go towards fraud protection and international currency conversion.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment processing platform that we use. It ensures fraud protection and security, and manages payments directly to your bank account. Stripe is extremely secure and trusted globally by companies such as Uber, Postmates, Wish, and 1,000,000+ other businesses. We chose Stripe because of its robust features and how globally trusted it is.

How much does Wellify cost to use?

It's free to create your studio with no upfront fees or download required. We don’t get paid until you do. For any booking transactions, we receive 5%. You can learn more about what's included and all pricing options and fees here.

How do I remove or refund my participants?

In order to remove or refund a participant, you can go to your participant list on the class details page. Once there, you can click the cancel icon to remove a participant or click the money icon to refund the participant.

How do I share my offerings with my clients?

Sharing your classes is super easy! Just go to your profile page where you'll see your personal link underneath the "Your Wellify Studio Link" label. You can share this link with your students or anyone you want!

What are the different pricing options?

Wellify has three main pricing options: Fixed, Sliding Scale, and Free. A fixed class allows you to set a particular price for your class. A free class allows you to make the class free of charge to anyone. A sliding scale class allows you to set a suggested price and a minimum price. Students will see the suggested price to start with, but can also input their own price as low as whatever your minimum price is. By setting the minimum price to 0, your class becomes donation-based where your students can input whatever price they want.