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01. Make Your Own Beautiful Page in Minutes

Quickly set up your own free, professional website and build your brand.

02. Convert Your Followers Into Customers

Add all of your latest classes and events onto your personal Wellify page so your followers can easily book with you!

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03. Earn More and Escape the Fees

You deserve to earn more! Start collecting payments for your content and keep what you make, we don't charge commission. 

04. Make Collabs Easier

Establish your collective’s online presence and identity with your own unique collective webpage. Now introducing split payouts between collaborators to make event organization that much simpler.

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05. Do More with Your Link in Bio

A beautiful and professional website (with all the bells and whistles) right from your Instagram bio. Minimal effort. Maximum rewards.

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Recurring Classes

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Unlimited Class Scheduling

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Private Classes

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Kharma Grimes

Yoga Instructor

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"It's great! You don't have to go to any other site. It's easy and accessible to find my brand and everything I do for people who click on my Wellify page."

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DJ | Mentor | Founder of Collective BAE

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"This is a Custom Digital Card x LINKTREE x PATREON x SPLASHTHAT & EVENTBRITE x MAILCHIMP x WELLNESS STUDIO x BOOKING AGENCY! Wellify fuses the power of all of these platforms, picking the most potent features and puts the spotlight and power back on to us independent creators via a streamlined virtual space!"

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A Letter From Our Founder

I believe we all need greater access to pursue what aligns with our own unique personal values around health and wellbeing. In building wellify, I wanted to give greater access to everyone to create more opportunities for people to access wellness in this world. This is a belief that stems from my personal journey coping with anxiety and deep fears about my personal health that led me to seek different modalities to access and pursue healing in my life. For me, I chose to be open to and actively seek out unconventional modalities because integrating the conventional hasn’t been a fit. 


I believe the path to creating more access to wellness requires that wellness practitioners have access to the tools to earn more. I believe we need to shift the economy to be fair and equitable for wellness practitioners, who have for too long been underpaid and limited by larger gyms in order to create abundance, greater access and a broader diversity of modalities. Within the first month of the pandemic, I saw my friends lose their jobs as studios and gyms closed their doors. I saw them struggle to put their talents and skills in the world, a world so desperately in need of more wellness, but it was terribly hard for them to transition their practice online. 


I believe that it starts with us. 


Our vision in offering Wellify as a free professional tool for those creating a more well and connected world, is to remove the barriers to creating and opportunities to access wellness in the world. 


In Kindness,